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We have worked with all sorts of clients from startups to Fortune 500 firms. We've partnered with existing agencies to augment their offerings, do one off strategic research, and served as the online marketing department for multi million dollar firms.

Online Business Strategic Planning

We think we are relatively unique in our capacity to affordably audit your current business and competitive landscape across dozens of data streams and package together a strategic plan for the analytics stack and marketing channels you should work with. Not sure how organic search works with conversion optimization? Or how retargeting and PPC can complement one another? We can help you build a comprehensive plan, with wins in different channels and sectors of your sales funnels synergizing for multiplicative gains.

Custom Analytics

Not sure if your web strategies are even working? We are best in class at integrating and customizing Google Analytics and combining it with other data channels, including but not limited to: A/B testing data, sales reports, competitor data, CPC click through data, broader economic data, click and heat mapping and qualitative user feedback. We are technically primed and business savvy enough to build exactly the custom analytics solution you need.

Data Analysis

Big/smart data is all the rage, and we can help you make the most of your data streams. Between core and extended staff we are skilled up in R, Python, command line data mining, Perl, Weka, Excel VBA, SQL, and Regex. Projects we've worked on range from geographic data visualization to econometric market research to exploratory customer analysis. Our analysis has consistently uncovered and saved millions of dollars for our clients. Let's see what we can do for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Not only do we consistently grow traffic, but we consistently grow the right traffic. We take the time to learn your business and put the right analytics stack in place, and then go after traffic that will lead to solid profit. We've generated tens of millions of dollars in sales for ecommerce, B2B and SaaS companies. Let's connect to see what our unique combination of ethical linkbuilding and onsite content generation can do for you.

Website Design And Deployment

Need a new site, or an upgrade to your existing site? We're known for our ability to generate responsive, beautifully designed sites that are integrated with SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and conversion optimization strategy. From Wordpress to ecommerce to creative ad design, we've got you covered.

Pay Per Click Management

We believe we bring a competitive edge to our pay per click management, because we combine excellent ad creation and bid management with split testing on the page, so we are continually improving not only the ad landscape, but also the site itself. This has consistently enabled us to find and increase profit where previous attempts had shown PPC to be too expensive.

Display Media And Retargeting Campaigns

To complement your other marketing efforts, we recommend retargeting (showing ads to people after they leave your site) and experimenting with other banner advertising. Done in a smart way, this can help add new leads to the top of your sales funnel, and recapture others about to leak out.

Conversion Testing And Optimization

Last but not least, we recommend that every serious web venture engage in split testing and conversion optimization. The core idea is simple: come up with two versions of a page. Randomly show half your visitors one of the pages, half the second. Measure which leads to more conversions (leads, sales, page views, etc), implement that design and repeat. We consistently improve clients websites by 20-100%, with about 75% of our tests being successful. We learn from the misses, stack the wins one on top of another, and build from there. Let's stop wondering what users want, and start testing!

About JB Analytics

Started in 2007, JB Analytics has served over 75 companies. We are passionate about social enterprise and the environment, and especially interested to work with cause based organizations.

" Working with JB Analytics couldn't be more of a pleasure. Using their SEO, paid media, conversion testing and cutting edge design we're a breakout industry leader in a super competitive NYC market."
~ Joe Lapadula, Director Openhouse.me

Brian Toomey, CEO

Brian focuses day to day on strategy level analysis. With a background in academic psychology and neuroscience, he enjoys the combination of hard and soft data often found in web projects, and combining them with expert opinion. He codes and does his data exploration mostly in R, and loves conceptualizing web strategy from the ground up. He sees his core skill set as being able to think skillfully across web development, statistics, marketing and business to drive novel strategy. When not staring at a screen, you can find him in the half acre permaculture orchard and garden in his front yard.

Jess Spate, PhD, CTO

Jess is the resident implementation specialist. With a PhD in data mining and mathematics, Jess programs in Perl and loves to poke around in data. She also knows enough front end design to run great split tests. She has close to a decade of experience combining SEO, SEM paid media and conversion testing to drive sales, leads, and overall business wins. She is also an expert in Google Analytics and related web metrics tools, and offers training at colleges around the UK in web analytics. An avid outdoor adventurer, when not at work she can be found treking, climbing or surfing in and around South Wales.

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